Lyra & Lyra2

Lyra & Lyra2

Password Key Derivation Based On The Sponge Construction

Main Features

High Security

Designed to be strictly sequential (i.e., not easily parallelizable), providing strong security even against attackers that uses multiple processing cores (e.g., custom hardware or a powerful GPU)


Easy to understand and implement in software, allowing it to be implemented in multiple platforms


Legitimate users are allowed to fine tune the memory and processing costs according to the desired level of security against brute force passwordguessing

Based on the Sponge Construction

Built on the properties of sponge functions operating in a stateful mode, creating a strictly sequental process


Marcos A. Simplicio Jr.

Leonardo C. Almeida

Ewerton R. Andrade

Paulo C. F. dos Santos

Paulo S. L. M. Barreto


Marco Dimas Gubitoso

Pedro Maat Costa Massolino

Sami Farin

Dmitry Khovratovich